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How can the One Minute Transformation App help you


FEEL GOOD NOW is sometimes a real challenge. When things don’t work out in everyday life, you don’t know where your head is and time is running out. And then – you should come into the peace, ground yourself, meditate to recharge your batteries or whatever. Ahhhhh – what else and how?

My One Minute Transformation App (OMT) is exactly the tool that can help you in these moments of life. The OMT sound videos help you to find yourself in your inner peace and power. Yes, even to cultivate these states in you and thus make them available to you on your command. 

With the OMT app you start to consciously create your life where you want to see yourself and with minimal effort.

The short approx. 1 minutes sound videos help you to experience deep states like  

  • A deep calm
  • Feeling connected with life

  • High energy through lived presence

  • Inner silence

  • Awareness of the possibilities and chances of life

and so much more…


Click on the video and see what happens:

Andreas Goldemann One Minute Transformation App

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Why the One Minute Transformation App?

The goal of the app is to change and improve your current state.

At the same time you change from a stressed condition into a condition of relaxed, objective observation, full of inner peace, because the situation and the emotion that was triggered no longer determines your reaction to it, you start to live more of the real potential that you where born with and start to become a conscious creator of your life’s moments. You are then again master of your senses and your being.

Advantage 1

Immediate and long-term change

Choose from a variety of video bundles what you need in your current life situation or what you want to change in the long term.

Advantage 2

Always fits into everyday life

The transformational videos last about 1 minute. You decide how often you want to repeat them.

Advantage 3

Always with you

Thanks to the app, you always have all your transformation videos with you on your cell phone like a personal trainer and you can use them wherever and whenever you want.

Advantage 4

Set a timer

Be reminded how often and when you want to deepen your new habit.
The app’s timer is designed so that you can set scheduled or random reminders for your One Minute Transformations, making it easy to stay on track with your most important project – YOUR LIFE.

The story behind the One Minute Transformation

The idea for the One Minute Transformation app came from a survey Mircea Ighisan, Andreas Goldemann’s business partner had done with his participants a few years earlier. The most important question back then was. 

“How much time per day can you spend in the Towuhabowu of everyday life, or is emotionally available to you, to create deep behavioral changes or habits?” 

The sobering answer most often given was 5 minutes. 

The challenge Andreas faced was: how can we make these 5 minutes so simple and yet so powerful in their impact on shifting consciousness that we get the most out of these 5 minutes and thus the most out of the lives of our participants and the people out there in the world?

In 2018, the time had come. During a business conference, Andreas suddenly came up with the name and the concept like a download, and he channeled the whole idea during a brainstorming session that, interestingly enough, was about something completely different. That same afternoon, he tried out the first short 1-minute sounds with some members of his team, unaware that other employees who were in other conversations and places at the time felt the same effect, even if they didn’t consciously participate in the short sound.

The idea of One Minute Transformation was born. 

Short 1-2 minute videos with sound healings that cause an immediate change in the consciousness of the listener / viewer. Firstly to transform a state of stress into absolute calmness and inner strength. And secondly to cultivate valuable habits and inner qualities to make one’s own life and also the life of society conscious, mindful, loving and full of power and compassion. 

Getting more energy for everyday life, through a harmoniously functioning energy system (energy body, chakras) was then only logical as the next step and rounded off the whole concept. 

With the One Minute Transformation App, a new tool was created to effectively, quickly and sustainably create a more conscious life with more quality and overall more health.

Andreas Goldemann Soundhealer, Intuitive,Healer

About Andreas Goldemann

Andreas Goldemann is an internationally renowned intuitive and sound healer. As a passionate ambassador for inner peace and self-discovery, he has accompanied hundreds of thousands of people on their path to healing with his unique gift. His voice touches and leads to profound change.


 A harmonious interplay of sound, movement and reflection. Even without being physically present, he manages to trigger change in other people. With his support you can free yourself from negative emotions, limiting beliefs and old conditionings that burden your consciousness, your body, your life.

Imagine that a single sound could calm the noise of your thoughts and show you who you really are. With Andreas’ help you will find the way back to yourself, build confidence and discover your true potential. This profound experience is hard to put into words, but those who have experienced it feel the change in every cell.

After twelve amazing years of touring, bringing the path of intuitive, energetic healing to tens of thousands of people (24 countries and 22 US states), Andreas decided in 2016 to share his knowledge through online courses. 


To reach and support people everywhere in the world. Thanks to modern technology, you can experience Andreas’ transformative work anytime, anywhere – whether on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

You can find out more about Andreas’ work and the experiences of his participants on his website: www.en.andreasgoldemann.com. 

Authentic reviews and feedback are also available on ProvenExpert.


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